Focused Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for Obsessional Problems – Prof. Paul Salkovskis

Paul Salkovskis - CBT for OCD

Prof. Paul Salkovskis presents an overview on Focused CBT for Obsessional Problems.

Topics Covered in this webinar:

  • Describe the cognitive theory of emotion and how this applies to obsessional problems.
  • Understand why and how normal intrusive cognitions can develop into disabling obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD).
  • Understand the key maintaining factors involved in OCD.
  • Assess and formulate OCD using the specific CBT model.
  • Identify and implement goal setting at short, medium and long term levels, ensuring that there are meaningful links where appropriate. Be able to identify the most appropriate treatment strategies in terms of both discussion techniques and linked behavioural experiments
  • Be able to implement Exposure and Response Prevention strategies in ways which maximise patient collaboration and learning.
  • Describe the way discussion techniques and behavioural experiments can be interwoven in ways which help their client to make sense of their past and current experience and make it possible for them to “unblock” themselves as part of the process of “choosing to change”.
  • Make sense of the way CBT emphasizes a collaborative relationships which emphasizes the importance of helping the client to “feel understood” as a key preliminary step to both to regaining control of their anxiety and reclaiming lost areas of their life.
  • Be able to apply appropriate metaphors as a way of helping the patient to better understand OCD and its treatment.
  • Understand the way in which CBT represents a skilful and sensitive blend of therapeutic art and science.
  • Identify and implement appropriate relapse prevention strategies

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Enrolled: 92 students
Duration: 4 hours
Video: 4 hours
Level: Intermediate